I am Laszlo Agoston. I Help Entrepreneurs Build Their Dreams.

In the minds of many, a marketing consultant is often seen as a fast-talking salesman peddling snake oil to anyone who will listen. While that may be true in some cases, my approach is different. I believe that marketing, when done well, is an art form.

Ars Poetica

How I Am Different

To sell effectively, instead of aggressively pushing, we need to offer something valuable to the customer first. Advice, guidance, and reassurance are key. These elements build trust that transforms a visitor into a client. We need to provide them with a well-established promise of a solution, a unique experience, the satisfaction of making the right choice, and the assurance of expertise.

This is why I exclusively work with clients who can deliver this level of service to their customers. I may be a bit unconventional, as I am not solely focused on selling. My goal is to help promote fantastic products and services that genuinely deserve recognition.


Delivering a lecture at Metropolitan University

I won't deny that I am selective. I only collaborate with exceptional businesses that possess enormous potential. I see myself as a bespoke tailor, carefully choosing which clients I work with and whose brands I represent.

When I work with someone, I devote my complete attention, energy, and effort to their project. This is because our success is intertwined – we can only truly succeed if we achieve it together.

In my native country, Hungary, I had the distinction of being one of the best-known bloggers. Through my online presence, I was able to reach a wide audience and share my insights, opinions, and experiences on various subjects that mattered to me and my readers. This platform not only helped me connect with like-minded individuals but also played a significant role in shaping public discourse and raising awareness on crucial issues.

My Marketing Career in a Nutshell

My Experience

After graduating from Metropolitan University, I immediately began teaching there as a guest lecturer. During my university years, I made a conscious decision to focus exclusively on working with small and medium-sized businesses.

I found that collaborating with inspired and ambitious business owners was far more satisfying and fulfilling than merely being a cog in the wheel of a vast, soulless multinational corporation.

Throughout my 15+ years career, I've had the opportunity to cooperate with companies across various sectors, ranging from construction (Wotan Solutions / Befilo) to mindfulness courses (Silva Mindfulness), and from classical music (Hungarian State Opera / Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra / Moltopera) to education (Lantos Method).

In order to provide the highest level of service and commitment, I always take on just a select few businesses at a time, ensuring that I can give them my full attention and energy. This approach allows me to forge strong, lasting relationships and contribute to the growth and success of these enterprises.


Teaching personal branding at an international workshop

What I stand up for

My Personal Values

Having to leave my native country, Hungary, in 2018 was a difficult decision, but it came after years of publicly opposing Viktor Orban's notorious and widely criticized regime. I was a staunch advocate for LGBT rights, women's rights, and human rights in general, fighting against Islamophobia, xenophobia, and transphobia.

I consistently stood up for the freedom of speech and expressed my opposition to Hungary's anti-EU, anti-West, and pro-Russia policies. I urged the country to stand in solidarity with Ukraine in the face of mounting tensions.

My commitment to activism led me to organize protests, educate people both online and through workshops, and engage in numerous initiatives to raise awareness. In recognition of my efforts, the community of Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish ambassadors in Budapest bestowed upon me the honorary title of "Nordic Goodwill Ambassador." This title symbolizes the impact of my activism and the values I continue to champion to this day.


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